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Hifu Body Slimming Machine

Hifu Body Slimming Machine

Salushape is a non-invasive device for fat reduction and body shaping. The system uses focus pulsed ultrasound energy to target the subcutaneous fat, without destroying surrounding nerves, muscle, collagen or other tissue in the targeted area . At the same time, the system use Ultrasound cavitation for arms size reducing, Bipolar RF for skin lifting on face.

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Product Details

Fat Cell Destruction for Non-Invasive Body Sahping

The Salushape system is a non invasive body shaping device that uses focused Pulsed Ultrasound, also combines cavitation, Bipolar Radio Frequency and semi- conducting

cooling technology to immediately and selectively destroy fat cells without down time and pain for all the parts of the body.

Focus ultrasound head

Semi-conducting cooling head

Bipolar RF head

Ultrasound cavitation head

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