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SHR-950B Hair Removal. IPL E-light SHR System

SHR-950B Hair Removal. IPL E-light SHR System

The wavelength of 650-950nm for Hair removal and 560-950nm for skin rejuvenation are utilized,specially made crystal filters both violet light and infrared light which can eradiate and absorb large volumes of water from the skin. SHR-950B is equipped with water temperature, water level, and water flow sensors to ensure safe operation. It will automatically stop the machine if there is any potential problem. SHR 950B is a single pulse IPL machine. Only 4-5 treatments are needed, during which clients feel no pain.

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Product Details


1.The system combines diode laser hair removal working modes includes SHR working mode to deliver multiple shots but at low amounts of energy,to achieve practically painless results.

2.The system combined with “In Motion”represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology.The treatment is more pleasant than with conventional systems and skin is better protected

3.The system is suitable for all skin types, even tanners; Unlike traditional Laser and IPL, SHR can be had all year round without having to hide from the sun. 

4.The system utilizes an imported flash lamp with a 300,000 shot life span.

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