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Laser Hair Regrowth Machine Medicine Treatment

Laser Hair Regrowth Machine Medicine Treatment

1. Wash hair and scalp. 2. Use the Hair analyzer to analyse the condition of hair and scalp and store patients' date. 3. Use the oxygen spray pen to clean the scalp with Saline. 4. Use the Medicine Sprayer to spray minoxidil lotion on the treatment area. 5% density for man , 3% for woman. 5. For the scalp can absorb the lotion better, use the Microcurrent massage comb to massage the scalp 5- 8 minute after spraying the minoxidil lotion. 6. Then open the system, set the energy and work time to start to irradiate the scalp. The irradiating time is 30 minutes for 1 time in one week or 60 minutes for 1 time every two weeks. . 7. After irradiating finished, the patient need wait 1 hour to wash the hair and clean the mioxidil lotion.

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Principle: 1.Accelerate the blood circulation to imporve regeneration ability of collagen fibers and promote metabolism

                2.Regulate the oil secrections

                3. promote scalp health, imporve hair quality

                4. Imporve nutrient absorption.


                1. Hair analyzer, can analyse the hair folicle and hair, store the patient's treatment date, follow the treatment result.

                2.Oxyen sprayer,can generate airflow ,do simple disinfection.

                3. Medicine sprayer, can paint Minoxidil into hair folicles before treatment.

                4. Microcurrent massage comb. It has 600-700nm red light which can increase cell metabolism.

                5. Helmet adopt laser and led light

                    Red light, make cell activity increased, promote cells metabolism, wavelength is 630nm

                    Blue light,can kill hair pathogenic bacteria effectively.

                    Yellow light with wavelength 580nm can ease the and treat sensitive skin effectively.

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