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Nd Yag Laser Machine

Nd Yag Laser Machine

1. Q-switched ND-Yag Laser Machine Therapy of epidermis and dermis pigmentation-----Utilizing the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, the laser permeate the epidermis into the dermis which includes amount of pigment mass. Since the laser pulses in nanosecond but with super high energy, the...

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1. Q-switched ND-Yag Laser Machine
Therapy of epidermis and dermis pigmentation-----Utilizing the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, the laser permeate the epidermis into the dermis which includes amount of pigment mass. Since the laser pulses in 
nanosecond but with super high energy, the shot pigment mass swell quickly and breaks into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolic system. 


1). Tattoo removal: Black, Blue, Brown, Red different kinds of tattoos. 

2). Pigmented lesions in epidermis and dermis: age spot, coffee spot, sunspot, freckle, melasma, ota, Zygomaticus nevus, mongolian spot.

3). PTP mode: skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, skin tightening, skin texture


Q-switched ND: YAG laser with dual wavelengths (1064nm&532nm).
8ns Pulse Width for ideal results on pigmentation and tattoo removal with reduced pain.
High terminal output energy (up to 1500mj) for more efficient results.
Repetition Rate is up to 10Hz for faster treatment.
Long-life designed laser system.
Multi-spot size 1-10mm is ideal for a wide variety of treatment parameters.
Spot size adjustor is optional.

4.Treatment characteristics 
1). Super narrow pulse width makes immediate results , customer acceptance is good. 
2). Less harm to the skin tissue , no scars, no sequela. 
3). Laser can sterilize the skin in treatment, to prevent the postoperative complications. 
4). No strict requirements to skin colors ,skin type 1-IV all are applicable. 
5). The operation is very simple ,very easy to learn and be operated. 

5. Delivery method:

we can offer the door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportations. 

Delivery time:3-7 days.


Guarantee:We offer 2 years free warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Service:There is OEM&ODM service for distributor.

Training: After you get the machine, there is user manual, maintain manual, training CD guide you to operate the machine.

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