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Popular Rf Fractional Medical Laser Machine

Popular Rf Fractional Medical Laser Machine

Pinxel is designed special for delivering rf energy directly to epidermis or dermis layer in order to stimulate and re-model collagen effective by either rf micro meedling mode( invasive) or RF matrix mode (non-invasive), It can be used for both epidermal applications and dermal applications in one platform without changing any operational environment.

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The procedure involves penetration of insulated microneedles into the dermis to deliver high-tensioned radiofrequency pulse into the targeted tissue. This results in the body’s own production of elastin and collagen fibres, making skin firmer and healthier.

Our machine – RF combines with the microneedling, so the RF heat is not on the outside layer of the skin, it penetrates much deeper, leaving the top skin layer cool.


The microneedles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth, and radiofrequency energy is then released inside of the skin. This gives a more uniformed deep tissue warming that will then stimulate the collagen and new collagen fibers are produced. The needle tip contains 25 very small gold needles acting as an internal conductor:

The face is numbed for 40 minutes before starting. The whole face would take approximately 20-30 minutes to do depending on the area and pain threshold. Immediately after the procedure, the face is warm, red and swollen. After 4 days the needle marks will disappear, and your face will start to feel tighter and more lifted.

After a few treatments you will see a noticeable difference, it will help both with wrinkles, skin tightening, rejuvenation, reduce pore size etc.

The combination of microneedles and radiofrequency leads to a more substantial improvement in skin quality and texture. This combination also allows the procedure to treat a variety of concerns such as skin tightening and brightening, pore size reduction and stretch marks. It is also effective in scar treatment such as deep acne scars, ice pick scars, atrophic scars, burn and operation scars. 

1. Function: the machine can treat wrinkles, flushing, acne,pigmenation,pore size, superfical scar, lightening and tightening.

2. The machine has 4 handles. Micro needle RF( invasive), fractional rf head ( non-invasive), cooling head and Negative polar.

3. A. the Micro needle rf has two tips. The one treatment area is 9*9(mm). It has 25 needles. The other one treatment area is 12*12(mm).It has 49 needles.

    B. the fractional rf treatment area is 11*11(mm). It has 64pins.  ( the three tips are disposable).

    C. In order to make the patient more comfortable, this cooling head has very good cooling effect.

    D. If you use Mono-polar method, the patient need hold the Negative polar.

4. Advantage: No matter what skin type is ( it suit for any skin type), easy to peneration up to target area, less risk of side effect.

 The needle is from 0.5-3.0mm ( automatically adjusted by software).Easy to control depth

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