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The Mirco Needle RF Machine For Sell

The Mirco Needle RF Machine For Sell

1. Description of rf machine: Rf machine penetrates target area from epidermis to dermis without energy loss and rf machine stimulate disordered collagen in order to remodel it effeciently. Stepping motor driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely and accurately. The...

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1.  Description of rf machine:

Rf machine penetrates target area from epidermis to dermis without energy loss and rf machine stimulate disordered collagen in order to remodel it effeciently.

Stepping motor driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely and accurately.

The fractional rf sublative delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely, more effectively. It allows 

treatment regardless of skin type. Laser is mostly absorbed by melanin,especially in darker skin.Besides, resurfacing laser can be aggressive at the epidermal level, so it is quiet risky to treat with laser on the dark skin.but RF is able to avoid targeting the melanin in the skin since it is no longer dependent on a light&laser energy to heat the skin. This is fractional skin rejuvenation method for safe treatment. 

2. Two treatment heads of the RF machine.

1): Micro Needle RF : For Invisive Treatment

Micro needle delivers RF directly to target area and reforms collagen and elastin effectively without energy loss like laser treatments.

Microneedle RF penetrates target area rom epidermis to dermis without energy loss and stimulate disordered 

collagen in order it efficiently.Stepping motor driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely 

and accurately.

Needle depth: 0.5mm-3.0mm adustable, each by 0.5mm


RF needle tip:

No burn and No risk of side effects.

Better result by sufficient energy delivering.

Easy to control penetration depth.

Acne Scar, Large pore, Wrinkle, Skin tone, Skin Elastivity/ Volume.

2) Fractional RF : For Non-invisive Treatment  

The fractional RF delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely, more effectively.

It allows treatment regardless of skin type. Lasers is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin.


Fractional RF Tip:

Less pain, Less down time.

No risk on sensitive skin.

Immediate result and deep-heat-effect.

Skin texture, Large pore, Fine wrinkle, Lifting .

3.Delivery method:

we can offer the door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportations. 

Delivery time:3-7 days.


Guarantee:We offer 2 years free warranty, lifetime maintain, 24 hours calling service.

Service:There is OEM&ODM service for distributor.

Training: After you get the machine, there is user manual, maintain manual, training CD guide you to operate the machine.

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