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Powerful Electrolysis Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Powerful Electrolysis Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Sanhe strong power Germany bars 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine with big spot size Theory The P-808 System uses special lasers with a long Pulse-Width of 808nm to penetrate through the hair follicle . Using selective light absorption, the laser can be preferentially absorbed...

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808nm hair removal machine principle:

1. P-808 diode laser System, use special laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle . 

2. Using selective light absorption theorylaser can be preferentially absorbed by heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle.

3. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from beinghurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.

808nm diode laser hair removal machine application:

1.laser hair removal machine treat all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair

2.Diode laser hair removal machine treat all skin types from white to dark skin

3.No pain and shorter treatment sessions

4.Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal

Operator interface:


1. Main operation is by touch-screen display.

2. The blue and white colored interface is concise, readable and practical.

3. The operator interface is designed to economically accommodate both male and female users.

4. Through the touch screen, you can control shutdown, laser parameter settings, and laser use settings.                   

5. Only parameter settings, mode switching, refrigerator opening and shutdown can be performed during standby mode. 

808nm diode laser hair removal machine treatment head

808nm laser hair removal machine machine Before and After



Hair removal is among the most common aesthetic concerns worldwide and concerns both men and diode laser hair removal, wax hair removal, SHR hair removal,


There are several options available for hair removal, and many over the counter options, although most are not permanent. Permanent hair reduction can only be achieved through the application of energy directly to the hair follicle.


The removal or permanent reduction of unwanted hair by laser light depends on the scientific principle of selective photothermolysis. When the correct wavelength of laser light is applied to hair in the treatment area, melanin in the hair absorbs the light, which is converted into heat energy. Buildup of thermal energy causes the destruction of hair follicles as well as associated stem cells and dermal papillae, while the surrounding skin is undamaged. Some follicles will only be damaged or may regrow, so numerous treatments are required to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair effectively for a persistent result.

To successfully remove unwanted hair by laser treatment, one must carefully apply energy so that hair follicles are damaged but nearby skin and tissues are spared. This can be more or less difficult depending on each patient’s individual characteristics such as skin color, hair color, and hair thickness. When treating hair with a laser, one can account for these characteristics by adjusting treatment parameters such as fluence, pulse width, and repetition rate. Many devices are limited in their utility because the different parameters cannot be adjusted independently (if at all). Understandably, treatment of darker skin is more challenging due to the higher concentration of melanin in the skin as a competing chromophore; in those cases treatment may be too painful or cause burning.but our diode laser can do it. 

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