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High Quality Professional Removal Pigmentation Hair Removal Portable Ipl Shr Machine

High Quality Professional Removal Pigmentation Hair Removal Portable Ipl Shr Machine

SHR-950S complex is a complete system for IPL Hair removal treatment. It includes the traditional IPL and elight working mode to treat your skin with high amounts of Joules( energy), and also includes SHR working mode to shot multiple shots but at low amounts of Joules.

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Product Details


Application of SHR-950S

*Everlasting Hair Removal

  The unwanted hair under arms, legs, lips, or other body parts.

*Skin Rejuvenation

  Shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness.

*Pigmentation Removal

 Removal various kinds of pigment such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots,    sunburn, etc.

*Acne Clearance

 Mona Complex screen.jpg

Work mode :   IPL    SHR     E-LIGHT

Advantage and System Feature

*The system is suitable for all skin types, even tanners; Unlike traditional Laser and IPL, SHR can be had all year round without having to hide from the sun.

*The system utilize imported flash lamp and has 300, 000 shots life span. The treatment head is made of pure sapphire crystal.

*The wavelength of 650-950nm for Hair removal and 560-950nm for skin rejuvenation are utilized.  The special made crystal filters the violet light and infrared light, which can eradiate and absorbs lots water from target skin.

*SHR-950s is equipped with water temperature sensor, water level sensor and water flow sensor to ensure the safe operation. It can automatically stop working when the machine has potential problem. 

*SHR 950s is a Multi pusle & single pulse IPL machine. Only 4-5 times is needed to remove unwanted hair and the client won’t feel painful.


Specification of SHR-950S

Wave Length

HR: 650-950nm 
Optional:(: SR: 560-950nm VR 420-950nm    PR:  530-950nm AR:500-950nm )


IPL: 10-50J/cm2   SHR: 1-10J/cm2


IPL: ≤0.5HZ  SHR: 1-8HZ  SHR&SSR:1-2HZ

RF power


Input Power


Power Source

Pure Sapphire 


Imported lamp

Spot Size

10*40mm for(SR,VR,AR,PR)    15*50mm for HR 

Contact cooling temperature

Max -10℃

Cooling System

Built in water cooling +semi conductor cooling +air cooling 

LCD Screen

10.4 inch true color touch screen control



machine size


package size


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