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Laser Hair Removal Technology
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Laser Hair Removal Technology

It should be concluded that lasers are more popular and more effective than other technologies used in removing body hair. They permanently reduce hair growth, remove body hair for a long period of time, and suit all tones of skins and all hair colors.

There are so many reviews and opinions from users prove the fact that laser devices are the most commonly used method in removing body hair. They mainly gained their popularity because of the following benefits.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

  • Speed: Hair removal lasers are faster than other methods like IPL and electrolysis. For instance, small areas of body such as lips and chicks can take up to 1 minute or less. Larger areas such as bikini line and legs can take approximately an hour of treatment.

  • Sessions required: One needs approximately from four to six sessions to have permanent hair removal from a single area of body.

  • Precision: It’s more precise than IPL; Unlike IPL, lasers only targets one tissue and it damages its hair follicle without harming the surrounding skin tissues.

  • Hair reduction rate: Laser hair removal enjoys higher hair reduction rate than IPL in proportion of approximately 2%.

  • Skin tones and hair colors: There are various devices with multiple beams of lasers in order to suit all hair colors and skin tones, whether your skin was natural, cool, or warm.

  • Range: Lasers are used in a wide beam which makes them remove multiple follicles at once.