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Hair Influence
- Jan 17, 2017 -

1, the hair is divided into three periods, namely the anagen, catagen, rest periods, laser emitted energy can only undermine the growth of hair follicles, for hair in catagen, still no apparent effect, only these hair growth laser works, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments, to obvious effect.

2, part the hair in a growing proportion of small, increased treatment times. While the treatment could reduce.

3, based on the different parts of the hair has different growth cycles, each treatment intervals are different. As head of hair with relatively short rest periods, intervals can be as short as l months hair resting stage is relatively long torso and limbs, so treatment intervals around February so you can easily enjoy the confidence of silky smooth skin.

4, if a part of the follicle density is too high, then treatment should be reduced when the laser energy.